Why M.O.R.E.

moreThe plurality of literal and symbolic meanings of the word MORE was an inspiration for the choice of the name of the Association.


In the Italian language, blackberries are the fruit of mulberry and bramble; in the first case, it is a set of fruits each of which is produced by a distinct flower; instead, in the second, it is a multiple fruit consisting of small drupes derived from as many pistils of a single flower.


Hence the assonance with the group of professionals of M.O.R.E .: distinct paths and different skills that give life to a single "multiple fruit", by sharing its mission, vision, aims and objectives.


In the English language, MORE means “additional, in addition, further” that, for us, represents the need not to settle down and settle for the "status quo", but to contribute to the improvement of society, becoming protagonists of the sharing, promotion and diffusion of inviolable values, principles and rights.


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