• To spread the European Culture by putting in contact the enterprises and the the tertiary sector to the European Institutions;
  • To promote and coordinate local, national, european and international networks, cultural and best practices exchanges;
  • To stimulate the dialogue among local, national, european and international stakeholders;
  • To promote the values of democracy, participation and cooperation by contributing to accelerate growth, development and integration policies;
  • To foster the territorial development and the globalization, by ensuring the results dissemination;
  • To tackle the Mafia culture, spreading the utmost respect for “what is public” and educating to the sense of the State and to the respect for the community and individuals;
  • To raise the values of human solidarity, defending the right to life, health, and equal opportunities for all subjects, especially by actively involving the weakest and most marginalized classes of society;
  • To promote and stimulate the exercise of free entrepreneurship in the arts, crafts and handcraft, agricultural and industrial activities;
  • To promote the tourism and cultural development of the territories through the implementation of paths of valorising resources, contributing to the defense and recovery of the cultural, historical, artistic, environmental and landscape heritage.

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